A Franciscan/Mercy Initiative
We believe in a world beyond imprisonment.

Welcome to the Bedford Row Family Project, Limerick


Bedford Row Family Project supports families affected by imprisonment. Crime and imprisonment affects all of us and causes a lot of pain and distress in society.  In our work with families, children are our most important priority….

Why? Because we believe in a world beyond imprisonment.

A world where a child growing up in a family affected by imprisonment can be prevented from going down the same road.

A world where a child can be loved, nurtured and protected.

A world where fear, anxiety and uncertainty  in families can be replaced by trust and hope.

Read our website, look at our DVD, and find out more about our unique model. We need your help in our work to fashion better outcomes for children in distress, have healthier communities and a safer society in general.

(Más mian leat do ghnó a dhéanamh tré Gaeilge déanamid gach iarracht é sin a eagrú)


Latest News

Family Support Course

October 6, 2021
Thanks to the expected lifting of Covid restrictions on 22 Oct, we are losing no time in starting our Two-Year Family Support Course, for which applications are now invited. This… read more →

Staff Departures

April 2, 2021
February and March 2021 saw the departure of two staff, Caroline Leamy and Eugene Stephens. Both have given great service to Bedford Row over the many years that they have… read more →

Covid Again!

January 26, 2021
You’re probably sick and tired of hearing about Covid at this stage! It’s on radio and telly morning, noon and night. Being hopeful in such times can be hard! Click… read more →

Changes in Bedford Row

January 26, 2021
We’ve had a good few changes in our line up over the past number of months in Bedford Row! Breda, who gave unstinting service since 2000, and who was widely… read more →

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