Visit by John Delaney, FAI, to Bedford Row

We had a great day in Bedford Row today when John Delaney, Chief Executive of FAI, presented us with tickets to the Ireland-Serbia Match in Aviva Stadium tomorrow. During the short presentation of our work with children Joe Slattery displayed how emotional an event going to prison actually is for a child involved. All who attended were fully engaged with Joe’s delivery of how it feels for a young boy to be missing his Dad and the confusion, anger, and hopelessness that ensues – as well as the potential that agencies like Bedford Row has to make a difference.  Afterwards much chat was had as we enjoyed the lovely fare produced, yet again, by St. Munchin’s.  Photos were taken and the future was looked forward to – particularly the immediate future – that is, tomorrow, which we hope will result in a resounding victory for the Boys in Green.