Match in Aviva Stadium

Last week was an exciting one in Bedford Row. Firstly, as we said in the last news post, the CEO of FAI John Delaney visited our Project on Tue 4 Mar 14 and was keen to hear, (among an audience of 50-60), the nuts and bolts of how we work with families and children. We were all delighted when he presented us with tickets for the Ireland-Serbia Match in the Aviva Stadium the following day. The trip to the match with children, parents, and staff was a very exciting and rewarding event, right from the lovely food prior to departure in Bedford Row to the arrival home of sleepy children (and sleepier adults)! at 2 a.m. the following morning. John met us prior to the match once again and in a lovely gesture presented the children with Ireland jerseys. Unfortunately the result did not really go our way – but this was not a great disappointment as we were all so excited with the night anyway…. ┬áSo – a big thanks to Declan Considine our coach, Tom O’Shea the Regional Manager of FAI, and John Delaney for enabling all this to happen.