Christmas Mass

On Fri 6 Dec we held our Christmas Mass.  We were delighted that Bishop of Limerick, Bishop Brendan Leahy was able to celebrate the Mass this year. He was assisted by Fr. John Walsh, Chaplain of Limerick Prison. In a very meaningful homily, Bishop Brendan reminded us how Christmas is a time of great togetherness, but a time where imprisonment of a family member is acutely felt.  He also said that when he came to Limerick first he knew the Bedford Row was a street but now it has a completely different meaning for him as a community of people who assist each other through what are often difficult times. Sr. Eileen prepared the altar and we thank Roxboro Presentation Convent for the altar items on the day. The Governor’s office in Limerick Prison was represented by Gov Peter O’Brien.  We had great singing from Derek, Rose-Ann, Sharon, Brian and Larry and John Carmody recited a poem on Acceptance, which was our theme for the Mass this year. The building was tastefully decorated for the occasion by staff under the guidance of Annette and afterwards we had lovely food prepared by staff led by Philip.  Bishop Brendan assured us that it will not be his last visit to Bedford Row and we sincerely hope to see him again in the not too distant future.