Changes in Bedford Row

We’ve had a good few changes in our line up over the past number of months in Bedford Row! Breda, who gave unstinting service since 2000, and who was widely known and respected by all who came to Bedford Row left us last June. Long-serving social worker Bernie (2009) who did pioneering work in Limerick Women’s Prison departed in November. Larry the Project Leader who guided the Project since 2007 departed in December. Eugene (employed since 2017, but involved in a voluntary capacity for some years before that) is leaving in February 2021.

So we are starting the New Year with our new Project Leader, Alison, who has given sterling service to the Project since 2014 as a volunteer in the Hospitality Centre, working as admin/education secretary and the kid’s group. We are currently in the process of recruiting a social worker to replace Bernie, and will be on the recruitment trail for other posts in the near future!!