20th Anniversary Celebrations

On Wed 25th, Thu 26th and Fri 27th September we held our 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

On the Wednesday we had a lovely gathering of former and current employees, former and current Board Members, and supporters who have helped us since 1999. Theresa Bierne (Dep. Gov. of Limerick Prison); Dr. Eileen Humphreys (Senior Social Researcher from Limerick City and County Council); Joe Slattery (Equine Therapist, Graduate of Bedford Row Family Support Course and now Manager of the North Star Project); and Mayor Michael Sheehan all spoke of their experiences of Bedford Row. Larry de Cléir (Project Leader) and Tracie Tobin (Chairperson) welcomed everyone and shared what Bedford Row meant to them.

Presentations were given to four people, two staff (Claudia Bermingham and Breda O’Halloran) and two from the Board (Sr. Regina Kelly and Camilla McGourty) who have been involved with the Project since 1999.

On Thursday we had a very informative Workshops on anxiety where members of the Storytelling Group courageously took to the Open Mic to share their experiences. This Workshops was the idea of Annette O’Carroll and Brian McNulty and was a great success. In the afternoon ARIES gave a well-attended talk on strategies that we can use to improve our wellness and emotional health.

On Friday, Administrator Alison Curtin had a great idea that we would finish the week with a ‘Walk The Bridges’ exercise. As the weather was very bad on the day we were wondering how many would turn up. We were delighted that about forty braved the elements and strode out armed with umbrellas and raincoats. As it so happened, just as we left, the clouds parted and we had lovely weather for about 45 minutes at which point all had returned to Bedford Row where we finished the day with a sing-song (unearthing some great singers) and refreshments.

So roll on the next 20 years which we look forward to with great anticipation!